Cold Bridging

Common forms of Cold Bridging
Cold Bridging is where energy is lost in gaps of insulation. This is most common in junctions between walls and the ground. It is a common flaw that appears in many older homes that aren't insulated properly.

Any gap in insulation can be considered a cold bridge, which is why it is important to cover any potential gaps especially at junctions between different building elements.


Overlapping insulation

The easiest and most cost efficient way of preventing Cold Bridging is to overlap the different layers of insulation as to prevent the gap.

In a typical exterior wall, the structure is on the outside and the insulation on the inside, meaning features such as beams that intercept the insulative layer also need consideration. Ventilation inlets and outlets need to be open, however this necessary for airflow throughout the building.


  • Main areas of focus are juntions, particularly to the ground and around the roof
  • Overlapping insulative layers is the easiest way to ensure no heat loss
  • Any breaches in an insulative layer needs consideration as to how best minimise heat loss