Thin Insulation

Quite obviously insulation needs to be as thick as possible, but there are cases where space is such an issue that the width of insulation has to be addressed. The norm of which this situation occurs is in further insulating an existing wall or insulation boundary, however it is in most cases that technological development of insulation sees the more insulated a material created the thinner its application to be.

Every material Featured in this list is suitable for wall and roof inslation. The two places this application is useful.

Types of economic thin insulation

Polystyrene Foam Molded Expanded Board
R-values range from 3.8 to 4.4 per inch of thickness.
Thickness ranges from 20mm up
Extruded Expanded Polystyrene Foam Board
R-values 5 per inch. Thickness from 20mm.

Available in sheets. Skinned with foil for radiation insulation.
Considered the standard in insulation, used in most situations.


R-values 12 per inch
Made from 99% air. 
Available in sheets and rolls, of pretty much any thickness.
Usually available in .2 and .4 inches by 52 inches


Microtherm plate 
R Value 24 per inch
Cost £65 per sqm
Best insulation material for high temperatures.
Available in sheets of any size.


Heat Shield Insulation 
R Value 22 per inch
Cost £105 per sqm

Suitable for changes in temperature, radiates heat due to foil.
Most used in roofing.
Similar to Heat shield Insulation but for less cost and less R-value

Reflectix*, RValue 19, Cost £56 per sqm


Max achieved R Value 12
Cost £76 per sqm
Industry standard a+ insualtion.


Polyisocyanurate and Polyurethane Foam Board
R-values R 5.6 to R 8 per inch. 

Twice as high R value as styrene, but four times the cost.
Thickness of 20mm and up

Available in sheets. Skinned with foil for radiation insulation.


Rigid Fiber Board Insulation
R-Value of 4-6 per inch
Obviously very rigid and rather good as an insulation material, cost is more then foam board.
Available in sheets. 


Vacuum super insulation panels
R value of 30 per inch
£ 60 per sqm
Currently the most insulative material on earth. But also comes at a good price. However has zero structural integrity.
Available in non-standard ie an size
300mm thickness on average

Through development R values of 50 have been recorded, however most of this developed material is not commercially viable.

Another product functions in pretty much identical respect that is:
BARRIER Ultra-RT R value 30 Cost £ 75 per sqm